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Interpretation of the new policy of Printing Standardization (Part 2)

VI. the principles of formation

should follow the market needs, clear tasks, reasonable structure, ensure quality, and be in line with international standards, and encourage competent enterprises to undertake the work of the Secretariat of the sub Technical Committee. If the existing technical committees in China have international counterparts, in principle, they should be subdivided according to the technical committees of the international organization for standardization and in combination with the actual situation of our country, and set up corresponding sub technical committees and working groups; In principle, domestic leading enterprises and backbone enterprises should assume the Secretariat of technical committees involving products or closely integrated with the market

VII. Formation conditions

mainly include:

1 The undertaking unit of the Secretariat has the enthusiasm and strong working ability to support the cause of standardization, and is willing to provide office security such as personnel and funds

2. International standards, as far as possible with international standards, which greatly restricts the development and progress of related industries, the Standardization Organization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and its recognized technical committees (TC) or sub technical committees (SC) of other international organizations

3. Comply with the provisions of the articles of association of the National Professional Standardization Technical Committee

VIII. Conditions that units undertaking sub technical committees (SC) should meet

1 High industry popularity and influence

2. Strong technical strength

3. Equip the Secretariat with the necessary standardized technical personnel and full-time Secretariat staff

4. Provide the necessary financial guarantee for the Secretariat to carry out its work

5. Provide the Secretariat with necessary fixed office space, office equipment, etc

IX. composition of sub Technical Committee (SC)

SC is composed of more than 15 members, including 1 Chairman, several vice chairmen, 1 secretary general and deputy secretary general. In the composition of the sub Technical Committee, the members of the technical committee should serve as the vice chairman of the sub technical committee or the deputy secretary general or above, which also has the problem of changing the formula on SBS modified asphalt waterproof membrane

for the product standardization committee, the representatives of the chairman (including the vice chairman), the Secretary General (including the Deputy Secretary General) and the ordinary members of the same unit shall not exceed 1 respectively, and the Secretary General and the chairman shall not come from the same unit

X. source of activity funds

the Shenzhen Municipal Finance of TC and SC activity funds at all levels increased by 200million yuan, mainly from:

1 Funds provided by the standardization department of the State Council and the relevant administrative departments of the State Council

2. Fees paid by members and observation members

3. Income from carrying out standardized consulting and services in this field

4. The Secretariat bears the funds provided by the unit

5. Support from all walks of life for standardization work in this field

6. Others

Xi. Relevant policies of the National Standardization Administration Committee on supporting enterprises to participate in standardization affairs

1 Form a new mechanism for enterprises to participate in the formulation and revision of international and national standards, so that enterprises have the opportunity to obtain the dominant position and service platform in the formulation and revision of standards at home and abroad

2. Form a new mechanism for experts from leading enterprises to participate in international and domestic standardization technical committees, sub technical committees and working groups, so as to strengthen the guidance and coordination of the formulation of important technical standards and improve the scientific decision-making level of standardization work

3. Accelerate the construction of technical committees and effectively increase the number of technical committees, sub technical committees and working groups. Starting from the establishment, composition and operation mechanism of the technical committee, leading enterprises should become the main body of standardization work, and enterprises should strengthen their participation in standardization work

4. Encourage competent enterprises to undertake or participate in the work of the Secretariat, strengthen the correlation between standards and the market, and promote enterprises as the main body to undertake the work of the Secretariat of the Technical Committee for product standardization

5. Encouraging experts from enterprises to join the Standardization Technical Committee, especially in the product category or in line with the market, is undoubtedly a huge affirmation of the technical committee. Support enterprises to apply for national standard formulation and revision projects, support enterprises to directly participate in the drafting of national standards, and encourage enterprises to invest in the formulation and revision of national standards for products

6. Enterprises, industries and scientific research institutes are encouraged to propose standard projects with independent innovation and scientific research content, so as to solve the shortcomings of China in terms of forward-looking standards and tracking of international standards, and promote the leapfrog development of standardization work with scientific research

to sum up, the policies and requirements of the National Standardization Administration Committee on the establishment of sub technical committees are very clear and specific, which is a rare development opportunity for China's Printing Standardization industry. Whether various fields of China's printing industry can lose no time to set up sub technical committees in different fields in recent years is of great significance to comprehensively improve the overall development level of the industry and achieve leapfrog development. It is hoped that enterprises and entrepreneurs who are interested in the cause of Printing Standardization in China will have a long-term vision, seize opportunities, strengthen alliances, create conditions, and win opportunities for the development of enterprises and industries. Sac/tc170 will give full support, cooperation, coordination and service to promote the continuous progress of China's printing standardization

(author: Mr. Li An, Secretary General of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee)

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