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Interpretation of the polycarbonate business strategy of covestro: expand the market and deeply cultivate China

in recent years, with the expansion of applications and the development of the market, polycarbonate (PC) has ushered in a wave of capacity expansion in China. As the inventor of PC and its solutions, with a history of more than 60 years of commercial production, and also the largest PC manufacturer in the world, how does covestro view the market prospect of PC, what business development goals it has formulated, and what views it has on the Chinese market? Last week, we interviewed Ms. Zhou Binbin, global president of covestro's PC business

optimistic about the application potential of the three industries

when talking about the market situation of PC, Zhou Binbin knows it all. She introduced that as a high-performance material, PC has several remarkable characteristics: high transparency, light weight, strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and not easy to deform, which makes it widely used in many fields. From the industry level, she is optimistic about the application potential of PC in automotive, electronic and electrical, and medical fields

in the automotive field, at present, almost all automotive lamp parts are made of PC, and some applications are automotive parts such as dashboard and other interior parts. She told that at present, the more high-end cars, the greater the use of PC, because the characteristics of PC will improve the texture of cars a lot. The reason why we are optimistic about the application potential of PC in the automotive industry is based on the energy conservation and environmental protection trend of the automotive industry. PC has good transparency, and its relative density is only half that of glass, but its strength is hundreds of times that of glass, even more than tempered glass. According to the evaluation of relevant data, using PC as window material instead of glass can significantly reduce the vehicle weight, energy consumption and environmental impact. In addition, PC also gives designers a higher degree of freedom. Windows are no longer limited to square shapes, and skylights will be used more widely

she said that last year, covestro launched an electric concept car, using PC materials in windows, lights and shapes. At the China auto show just held in Shanghai, many auto companies have adopted this design. "We pay special attention to the development of electric vehicles. The electric vehicles that China is vigorously promoting have put forward new requirements for materials, including batteries and charging equipment. So we have been innovating and developing related projects. I think this is the demand of the general trend. The future automotive industry provides a very large development space for PC materials." She said

in the electronic and electrical industry, the shells and parts of many equipment need good flame retardancy and excellent weather resistance, because the temperature of the environment in which these applications are used changes greatly, and PC materials can play this role. The latest applications also include Internet related topics, including 5g networks actively invested by China. The application of 5g network will have new requirements for materials, and PC can show its skill in this regard

in the medical industry. She introduced that as an enterprise starting from Germany, cosy has been involved in the medical field for a long time, and its ability is very strong. "We will promote the global experience. At present, in China, we have cooperated with some manufacturers, such as Weigao Xinsheng medical device company, to produce renal dialyzers with PC materials from covestro"

costron Shanghai Caojing production base

three continents of global production layout

at present, costron's PC production has covered three continents of the world. In Asia, there are two production bases in Shanghai and Thailand, among which the Shanghai plant with an annual output of 400000 tons is the largest production base of covestro in the world. Such a production layout can ensure the timely provision of products and services to global customers

Zhou Binbin introduced that in the history of kostron, there are also supporting R & D bases in the three regions, and each base has a considerable number of R & D personnel engaged in the development of technology and new products. She stressed that this is very important for customers, because customers in different regions have different needs for products and need to provide different solutions

actively develop the Chinese market

compared with European and American markets, the Chinese market has very strong uniqueness. Zhou Binbin said that the Asia Pacific region led by China accounts for 60% of the global PC market demand, and the demand for PC in the Chinese market reflects the global needs to a certain extent. This characteristic is related to the process of China's economic development. China has been promoting economic development in the form of "made in China" since many years ago, so many global enterprises have moved their production bases to China, resulting in a very large and sustained growth in PC consumption in China

Zhou Binbin further pointed out that the Chinese government clearly proposed to improve the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of the manufacturing industry, whether in the 13th five year plan or the vision of made in China 2025. Many Chinese enterprises have been leading the global trend in electric vehicles and new energy industries. When she was negotiating business with European auto customers, they were deeply moved by China's determination and investment in the development of electric vehicles. "At present, we have many colleagues working with our customers in several major innovative industrial bases in China. We are confident that we can help our customers in China and around the world realize the transformation of economic model."

the R & D center of covestro in Shanghai

she told that covestro's PC global business is headquartered in Shanghai in order to have the fastest response to the world's largest market and customer base. "As an innovative enterprise, our speed should keep up with the speed of global customers. China will provide us with great opportunities." It is revealed that covestro will also transform its Shanghai base in the future to further increase its annual production capacity to 600000 tons

Rio Tinto's business remains ahead

when asked about the business development goals, Zhou Binbin firmly replied that he hoped to be higher than the average growth rate of the industry

Zhou Binbin stressed that to achieve this goal, on the one hand, he hopes to win the market with excellent products, on the other hand, he should strengthen R & D and application innovation to provide suitable products for different industries. At the same time, we should also strengthen services, including the supply of supply chain and the extensive industrial services of Jinan gold testing machine; Expand the markets in India, Southeast Asia, and even Brazil and Mexico; Explore opportunities in emerging industries. She believes that emerging industries are a source of future growth. "Some authoritative institutions predict that electric vehicles will account for about 20% of the global automotive market by 2030. We must consider having a foothold in these emerging industries to drive new growth. Therefore, we have a special team to study the general trend of global development and pay attention to it, so as to make an early layout."

strengthen communication and orderly development

as an engineering plastic with excellent performance, the domestic demand for PC is very strong. In the coming years, it will usher in a period of rapid development in China. In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of China's PC industry, covestro took the lead in organizing the establishment of the PC industry branch under the synthetic resin Association. Talking about the significance of establishing this branch, George Whitesides of the Weiss Institute of bioinspired engineering at Harvard University and his team came up with this idea when visiting laboratories in developing countries. Zhou Binbin said that at present, this industry shows a booming situation, and it needs to have better communication with people at all levels, so as to better support the Chinese government's initiatives to strengthen innovation and promote sustainable development. "In addition, as a chemical enterprise, we also need to make all parties have confidence in us, and the confidence comes from our safe production environment and high environmental protection requirements. With this branch and our sincere communication, we can promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry."

she believes that promoting the healthy development of the industry requires publicizing the excellence of PC products and allowing downstream industries to continue to adopt them; At the same time, relevant industry standards and safety standards should be formulated. In addition, the association can collectively reflect the voice of industry development, and can also connect with relevant international associations, and ultimately bring better material solutions to consumers

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