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Red Star Machine interprets the material processing process of roller crusher

Red Star Machine interprets the material processing process of roller crusher

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roller crusher is suitable for the coarse and medium crushing of brittle block materials. Its feeding particle size is large, and the discharging particle size is adjustable, which is the characteristic and advantage of roller crusher. But do you know how the roller crusher breaks materials? In this article, Red Star Machine reveals the whole process of processing materials by the counter roll crusher

Red Star machine specializes in the production of jaw crushers and cone crushers. Therefore, new energy vehicles using plastic products can run farther. Crushers, roller crushers and other crushing equipment are familiar with the relevant knowledge of crushers. According to the engineer of Red Star crusher, the process of crushing materials by roller crusher is mainly divided into three stages

29 carbon structural steel, compaction stage

under the combined action of gravity and grinding roller tension, the material enters the crushing chamber and begins to be squeezed by a small pressure. The volume of the material layer is reduced and the particles are very close. With the rotation of the grinding roller, the material is forced to fall, the particle density increases, the stress intensity increases, and the contact between particles gradually changes from point contact to surface contact

II. Material bed crushing stage

when dense particles 4. The security inspection machine must work under the specified working voltage and continue to move to the minimum gap between the two rollers, the compactness will further increase. With the sharp increase of stress intensity, fine particles occupy the gap between particles under high pressure, resulting in the gap tending to zero. Under the action of high stress, the material bed begins to transfer stress

III. in the cake discharge stage

the crushed fine particles move to the gaps under the action of high stress, and individual larger particles are tightly surrounded by fine particles; The compactness of the material bed reaches the highest at the place where the gap between the two rollers is the smallest. As a result, "agglomeration" occurs, forming a continuous "cake" discharged from the crushing chamber. The discharged cake becomes powder after being broken up, and can even be crushed by hand

after the crushing treatment of the above three crushing stages, the material can reach the particle size required by crushing and meet the needs of customers. Red Star machine has been focusing on mining equipment for more than 30 years. It not only produces crushing equipment such as crushers, but also produces sand production lines, beneficiation equipment, cement production equipment, rotary kilns, dryers and other equipment. There are many kinds and models. New and old customers are welcome to consult and buy

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