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Stora Enso 2019 performance interpretation

release date: the competitive and active marketing of material suppliers has made this situation more complicated. Source: Stora Enso

recently, we launched the "Stora Enso 2019 performance interpretation" series to introduce the performance of the business division one by one. The content of this issue is the third part of this series - biomass materials when their own laboratories introduce standard methods into their own testing work

the biomass materials division provides a variety of pulp categories to meet the needs of manufacturers of paper, paperboard, tissue, textiles and sanitary products. At present, we are maximizing the commercial potential of by-products extracted in the production process, such as tall oil and turpentine from biomass. Through continuous exploration and innovation, wood, such as coal, sugar and other industry quality will also play its potential in different applications

the biomass materials division has factories and innovation centers in Finland, Sweden and the United States, and joint ventures in Brazil and Uruguay. Our factory in northern Europe aims to increase the production share of special pulp such as fluff pulp and dissolved pulp, so as to meet the changing pulp demand and ensure an excellent product portfolio. We import these products into China to provide high-quality raw materials for domestic customers and consumers. The products and solutions of the division mainly include:

bleached broad-leaved pulp and bleached coniferous pulp, which are used for packaging and white cardboard, paper towels, special paper and paper, etc.

natural color pulp, which is used for cardboard, kraft paper, special paper and other

fluff pulp, which is used for personal hygiene and medical treatment, incontinence protection, baby diapers, napkins and other

dissolved pulp, which is used for viscose staple fibers, sustainable textile fibers, drugs, acoustic surfaces, sponges Cellophane and other

lignin are used to replace phenol and molten adhesive

tall oil, detergent, soap, adhesive, lubricant, paint, coating, biofuel and other

turpentine, perfume, seasoning agent, detergent, solvent and diluent and other products

microfibril fiber, special paper, coating and sanitary products

in addition to traditional pulp products, biomass materials business division is engaged in lignin Textile regenerated cellulose, microfibrillated cellulose and bio based chemicals have developed a strong business portfolio to provide customers and consumers with solutions based on renewable materials. Its financial performance is also strong

2019 financial performance

2019 sales: 1.464 billion euros

2019 sales group proportion: 14.6%

2019 operating profit before interest and tax (EBIT): 233 million euros

2019 operating profit before interest and tax (EBIT margin): 15.9%

2019 operating cash return (rooc) : 9.4%

highlights in 2019

replace fossil based packaging materials with renewable alternative products

produce bio based carbon materials for energy storage

improve the production capacity of dissolved pulp and better meet market demand

key and goal 1 in 2020 Do stretching experiment time standard

safety is the first priority, and zero accident is our goal

establish customer-centered operation and corporate culture

speed up the entry of new products and services into the market

continuously improve production Output and operational efficiency

help customers improve sustainability

Markus mannstr m, head of biomass materials business unit, said: "The biomass materials division is committed to meeting the growing needs of consumers and using bio based solutions to replace products made from fossil and harmful materials. Through the world's leading innovative research and development work, we make full use of new opportunities to establish and develop practical businesses. As a powerful professional chemical pulp manufacturer, we are committed to enhancing the value of hardwood pulp in Latin America and promoting Nordic coniferous pulp in the market Stand out on the market, and realize the growth of new businesses while developing existing businesses. "

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