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On March, the 22nd China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (CCBN 2014) was held in Beijing. ZTE launched the integrated CDN (content delivery network) system, which effectively promoted the development of Internet TV, IPTV and its interactive TV as well as value-added services, and truly realized the transformation of TV users from watching TV to using TV

at this exhibition, ZTE intensively demonstrated its achievements in carrying, digital bidirectional, self extinguishing transformation, and integration of CDN products. In fact, the exhibition can be seen as paving the way for formulating product grade standards in the future, and the industry's first 4K high-definition set-top box. At the same time, the home entertainment set-top box exhibited adopts T4 chip to integrate games and Internet TV, which can realize the functions of games, video calls and reading, and effectively promote and promote the business transformation of the radio and television industry

globally, the rise of Ott (over t overload protection he top) TV, video station, IPTV and mobile Internet has challenged the monopoly of cable TV operators on home video business, and the living space of cable TV has been greatly compressed. 2014 was a year of rapid development of China's Internet TV. With the deepening of "three convergence", interactive TV, IPTV, Ott, video, text, pictures and other information content gradually penetrated into ordinary users' families. Radio and television has excellent video program resources, especially HD TV/3d TV/4k TV. Compared with telecom operators, it has irreplaceable advantages. It is very necessary to build a CDN that integrates multiple video services and Internet services to make high-quality program content enter thousands of households, improve user experience, and build a CDN that integrates multiple video services

ZTE's overall open Ott solution and advanced technology based on ZTE ucdn can quickly meet various new needs of customers. ZTE ucdn supports multi-level group architecture. The central node acts as a full content publishing center, a full content storage point, and serves users missed by the regional center. The secondary buffer of CDN network architecture provides full redundancy. ZTE ucdn supports multi screen integration services such as STB, PC, pad, etc. it can provide users' families with games, video calls, reading, karaoke, education, health care and other services, promote the development of TV and its value-added services, enrich people's lives, and promote the trust of China Building Materials: in recent years, consumption has been realized, and cable TV has truly changed from watching TV to using TV. At present, ZTE ucdn is mature and commercially available in 49 offices at home and abroad. Its flexible group, stable performance and low-carbon energy-saving design have been unanimously recognized by operators at home and abroad

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