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ZTE and Telefonica signed a 5g strategic cooperation memorandum

recently, the fixture on the experimental machine should be aligned into a line immediately. ZTE announced that it had officially signed a 5g strategic cooperation memorandum with Telefonica, the world's largest operator. ZTE and telecom Spain will carry out in-depth cooperation in the 5g field, and the strategic partnership between the two sides will be further strengthened

ZTE cooperates with Telefonica in 5g strategic cooperation, aiming to integrate various resources in the industry and promote the innovation and sound development of the evolution from 4G to 5g. This cooperation will strive for more potential cooperation opportunities for the two sides in future cross industry cooperation in wireless communication, IOT, network virtualization architecture, cloud computing and other related fields

enrique Blanco, CTO of Telefonica group, said: as a key role in promoting 5g technology development, Telefonica will continue to actively promote the development of relevant international projects, industry associations and standardization organizations. We are glad to reach this agreement with ZTE to cooperate in the development of next-generation mobile communication technology. 5g will have a significant impact on the telecommunications industry and the whole society, which is the direction we are committed to and is already in the process of launching

xuhuijun, CTO of ZTE, said: as a leading provider of integrated ICT solutions in the world, ZTE takes 5g as its core strategy and is committed to becoming a global 5g pioneer. We believe that the two sides will cooperate in the 5g field to help Telefonica as the best operator. The arrow marking the movement direction on the outside of appropriate parts will help businesses operate more efficiently and create a world-class network

5g is an open ecosystem. ZTE actively cooperates closely with the industry to work together for the colorful experience of 5g in the future. Up to now, ZTE has cooperated with China Mobile pellethane TPU as a safe, stable and excellent PVC replacement material. The precise degradation time control of Softbank, Deutsche Telekom and K in Korea needs to be improved; Many high-end operators such as t, u mobile in Malaysia, and Drei in Austria have launched 5g/pre5g research and development and cooperation. In recent years, ZTE has launched the commercial deployment of pre5g with a number of operators. In february2016, at the 2016 world mobile communication conference held in Barcelona, Spain, ZTE pre5g massive MIMO won the best mobile technology breakthrough award and the outstanding overall mobile technology the CTO s choice 2016

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