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ZTE and China Unicom completed the overall commercial verification of magic radio

after successfully opening the dynamic bandwidth expansion function of magic radio, ZTE worked with China Unicom again to successfully complete the commercial verification of the functions of cooperative co spectral scheduling and negative isolation bandwidth of magic radio, marking that all functions of ZTE's innovative magic radio spectral efficiency improvement solution have been successfully commercialized, It has laid a good foundation for subsequent global scale deployment

the collaborative common spectrum scheduling function tested in China Unicom this time allows GSM and LTE to realize real-time sharing of 200kHz spectrum granularity, greatly improving the flexibility and spectrum efficiency of spectrum allocation. After the collaborative spectrum scheduling function is enabled, the spectrum allocation is based on the current gsm/lte user behavior and traffic distribution law. When the GSM network is busy, the GSM can use the internal frequency division spectrum of the LTE bandwidth. LTE does not allocate the fixture on this frequency. The design of the fixture is mainly based on the experimental standards of materials, the shape and material RB resources of samples (especially finished products and semi-finished products); When the GSM network is idle, the GSM releases the idle spectrum, and LTE can normally use the spectrum resources released by the GSM, so as to improve the spectrum efficiency. The test shows that after the function is deployed, the GSM and LTE network services are normal, and the performance indicators are not affected. The real-time dynamic spectrum sharing between GSM and LTE has significantly improved the total bandwidth throughput, and the spectrum efficiency has increased by more than 40%

another negative isolation bandwidth function enables GSM to use part of the protection bandwidth in the LTE spectrum, thereby increasing the usable bandwidth of GSM. For example, the order amount from the agent decreased to 90.7% in the same month of last year. When LTE 20MHz bandwidth is used, GSM can use 1.4mh of its 2MHz protection bandwidth, such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on. The current verification results show that after the negative isolation bandwidth function is enabled, the LTE network user download rate is not affected, the GSM service operates normally, and the possibility of using the negative isolation bandwidth and carrier aggregation (CA) at the same time is verified. The single user throughput is further improved, and the user experience is significantly improved

previously, ZTE magic radio has successfully commercialized the industry's unique dynamic bandwidth expansion function in China Unicom. The user experience has been significantly improved, and the LTE spectrum gain has increased by more than 50%

ZTE's magic radio scheme focuses on achieving the effect of multi-purpose one machine. The spectral efficiency is improved during gsm/lte refarming. Through the original technology of independent intellectual property rights, the overall spectral efficiency is improved when GSM and LTE are deployed simultaneously in the same frequency band. Magic radio is a powerful tool for operators in the era of multi-standard network operation. It will help operators greatly improve the efficiency of spectrum resources, avoid wasting valuable spectrum resources, and enable users to enjoy a smooth and perfect business experience

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