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Statistics show that people in the city enter and leave the gate more than 300 times a day. Although we deal with each other every day, even if the curtilage men and women have to go out of the bedroom door and enter the bathroom door, many people don't understand the feng shui knowledge about doors, and everyone seems to turn a blind eye to it. In fact, there are higher requirements for the feng shui of the door in residential decoration, because if you enter a comfortable door, you will feel happy physically and mentally. Passing through an awkward and dirty door will disgust you. The door is like a house face, and its style and style must be carefully selected

I. Feng Shui of the gate

the overall style of the door of the house should be simple and bright, and the color of the door must match the interior of the house. The door is the air inlet of the house. The residential building takes the gate on the first floor as the air inlet, and the resident room takes the small door of their own house as the air inlet. Obviously, if the air entering the house is unblocked and fresh, the weather will be auspicious, and the residents of the whole building and home are in a happy mood. If the door is filled with waste debris to prevent smelly garbage cans and shoes, the air transportation will inevitably be hindered. If there are two entry doors in the house, it is better to be large in front and small in the back, and avoid being small in front and large in the back. It is better to make the door into and out of the small door, and the small door is more suitable to be opened on the side or behind the house

II. Feng Shui of indoor doors

there should not be too many doors at home. Some experts pointed out that generally speaking, it is best not to have more than 5 residential doors with an area of less than 1000 square meters, because there are many gas doors. The two doors in the house can be opened facing each other, but the two parallel doors should not face the other two doors. In geomantic omen, there is a saying "left Green Dragon and right white tiger", which means that the green dragon should move on the left and the white tiger should be quiet on the right, so the door should be opened from the left, that is, people stand in the house from inside to outside, and the door handle club is ideal on the left. In addition, the kitchen door is not suitable for facing the door, because the kitchen is a place for cooking. It is too hot and dry, and facing the door will hurt the atmosphere of entering the house; The toilet door can't be directly facing the door, because the toilet is a wet and unclean place, facing the door can only keep the house away

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Feng Shui conditioning, that is, to investigate houses, whether it is enterprise workshops, office buildings, home villas, apartment courtyards, we should emphasize different focuses. Dr. Zheng believes that as philosophy says: we should not only grasp the main spear and shield of house Feng Shui, but also grasp the main aspects of contradictions, and give consideration to both inside and outside, so as to complement each other and bring about prosperity. Well, next, Dr. Zheng first analyzes the first step. The external Bureau of Feng Shui survey should pay attention to it

the external situation of Feng Shui survey should attach importance to "Qi". The Qi here is not only the "Qi" of regulating qi, but also the balance of yin and Yang in metaphysics. Dr. Zheng believes that balance and harmony are important aspects of the yin-yang relationship of any house. Therefore, when we investigate the house, we should first look at the overall situation of Yin-Yang. If there is more yin and less Yang, we fear that the house is too fierce; On the contrary, more yang and less Yin do not necessarily mean more good things. I'm afraid it's a dangerous pattern of "climbing high and falling heavily". For example, Dr. zhengweijian:

an office building is located between the East Third Ring Road and the East Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, with convenient transportation from front to back, left to right, and there are projects under construction in the south, which is groundbreaking. The overall situation is:

the overall pattern is: the mountain shape (other high-rise buildings) moves forward from behind, the water potential (main traffic) moves from right to left, the office building is built against the mountain (other higher buildings), and the gate opens against the water

in the distance behind, the "mountains" formed by high-rise buildings lie horizontally in the shape of "a", which is exactly what Feng Shui said about yipinshan. Such a large environmental pattern, momentum is very, non Ford people can not get their land, non Ford home is not feasible

in addition, there are several banks behind the building. The shape of the bank is not high, but on the other side of the road, it is the case mountain of this office building. As a building, the bank, of course, has a good "gas" potential in this office building. In other words, working in this building will be very rich and expensive

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