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When choosing a bathroom basin, you should first consider your own space

different materials and shapes. When choosing a bathroom basin, you should first look at the space platform basin, platform basin, column basin... Ceramic, glass, stainless steel... Just a wash basin in the bathroom, its shape and material have many patterns, which is easy to take care of, which has requirements for housing space, and which material is more suitable for home use. Do you know all these? In this issue, the reporter will invite experts to show you around the building materials supermarket and uncover its mystery

different shapes and functions. Although the washbasin is just a small product, its shapes are diverse. The first thing to do is to know all kinds of basins. The basin on the stage is the basin whose edge is above the table, otherwise it is called the basin under the stage; Integral basin is a basin product integrating basin and countertop; Pillar basin mostly refers to ceramic products, including cylindrical support and circular and oval basin. In terms of price, any product has high and low-grade products. By contrast, the price of column basins is generally low, while the price of basins with countertops and bathroom cabinets is high, and the mainstream price range is between 1000-3000 yuan. These products have their own characteristics, and they need to be compared according to their own side weight when choosing

the style of column basin is single. Advantages: moderate height, can be matched with a variety of spaces, easy to take care of, simple installation and replacement, and affordable overall price

disadvantages: sewage is easy to splash on the ground, and items can hardly be placed. The style is relatively simple, and the visual effect is slightly mediocre

advantages of the whole basin tying cabinet: it is moderate in height, easy to take care of, not easy to retain stains, and can place a variety of items

disadvantages: most products can be purchased and matched separately, but the overall basin must be purchased together with the bathroom cabinet of the manufacturer

the platform basin is flexible and applicable. For the table top, the platform basin can be divided into embedded platform basin and independent platform basin. When buying a basin, you can choose to buy the countertop matched by the manufacturer, or you can choose the countertop first and then the basin

the advantage of the embedded platform basin is that it has a moderate height. Many bathing and cosmetic products can be placed on the platform, and the overall effect is quite atmospheric; However, its basin is rarely exposed, and the edge bonded with the table top is easy to be dirty and difficult to replace. Most of the sewage splashes on the table top and cannot be recycled in the pool, which is not easy to take care of. Moreover, the overall visual effect is mostly presented by the table top, which is only applicable to large space, and the support needs to be fixed during installation

the advantages of the stand-alone basin on the table are that the shape is random, the visual personality is highlighted, and the installation is convenient. Just open a drain hole on the table and connect it. At the same time, many items can be placed on the table, which can be replaced at will after damage; However, the height is high, which is not convenient for children to use, and the sewage will splash on the table and the ground, so it cannot be stored in the pool and is not easy to take care of. It is suitable for large space and requires support for fixed installation

the basin under the stage is easy to take care of. The most significant advantage is that it is easy to take care of. The sewage can be stored in the pool. At the same time, many items can be placed on the table, and the height is moderate

disadvantages: the edge bonded with the countertop is easy to hide dirt and dirt, and the basin is completely covered under the countertop, so the overall effect depends entirely on the countertop. It is only applicable to a large space, and it is troublesome to install. It not only requires a fixed bracket to install, but also requires that the opening of the countertop must coincide with the edge of the basin, otherwise, it is inconvenient to use, and affects the appearance, and it can hardly be replaced once it is damaged

ceramic basin is versatile but slightly weak. Advantages: it can be matched with any decoration style and space of various sizes, which is easy to clean, not easy to stain, diverse in shape, and mainly white

disadvantages: the strength is slightly poor, and it is easy to cause damage after heavy objects are hit. The style is moderate, and it is not easy to show personality

ceramic washbasins with materials account for the mainstream

the reporter found during his visit to the market that the washbasins currently sold are made of ceramics, artificial stone, tempered glass, stainless steel and other materials, but considering the proportion of various products in the market, due to the overall decoration environment of the bathroom (mainly tiling and floor tiles), among the washbasin series products on the market at present, ceramic washbasins are the mainstream. Products of different materials have their own characteristics

stainless steel basin is easy to clean and suitable for tooling

advantages: it is very simple and convenient to clean, with high strength, and is suitable for use in public places

disadvantages: the shape is relatively single, which is not suitable for family use, and it is not easy to match the bathroom cabinet

artificial stone basin has few shapes and is not easy to be damaged

advantages: high strength, not easy to be damaged, and relatively wide matching space

disadvantages: it is easy to stain, and it is not resistant to high temperature, and the shape is relatively simple

tempered glass basin has various styles and limited styles

advantages: various styles, easy to show personality, easy to clean, and strong stain resistance

disadvantages: weak strength, easy to damage, small matching space, limited to personalized decoration style

special reminder: when choosing a washbasin, you should first consider the space size of the installation environment. Generally, when installing in a space with a width of less than 70 cm, it is best to choose a column basin, because if you want to install the basin on or off the stage in a space less than 70 cm, you can not only choose fewer types of products, but also the visual effect after installation will be poor, which is depressing and cramped

in addition, before shopping, you should also consider the location of the water supply and drainage pipes at home, and match the basin with the space environment around the water supply and drainage pipes. If the location of the water supply and drainage pipes is not considered in advance, it is possible to find that there is no water supply and drainage equipment at the place you want to install after buying the basin, so consumers need to weigh whether to replace the basin or to transform the water pipe, which will virtually increase your burden

if the washbasin product you buy does not come with accessories such as faucet, or you want to replace the faucet by yourself, you need to consider the practical functions of the faucet, such as whether to choose a faucet with telescopic function or not. If you buy a stand-alone basin, you should also consider the height of the faucet to prevent the faucet from being too low to affect the use of the basin

choose ceramic basins with eyes and hands

since most of the ceramic basins sold in the market, how to choose good products? Experts remind that a good ceramic basin is determined by its manufacturing process. The antifouling ability of ceramic basins fired at high temperature is much better than that fired at low temperature. In addition, the quality of the glaze of the ceramic basin is directly related to the future use effect. The basin with good glaze is not easy to stain, easy to clean, and commonly used as new. The specific method of purchase is to observe whether the glaze of ceramics is bright, smooth, free of bubbles, pinholes, sand holes, color spots, strong reflective ability, etc; It can also be touched by hand. If the hand feel is flat and delicate, and the knocking sound is clear, it indicates that it is a good ceramic basin

colors and styles highlight personality

modern home decoration generally pays great attention to highlighting personality, so that many consumers have made difficulties in choosing washbasins. Experts said that at present, the market is no longer a monopoly era of white and beige basins, and colorful basin products provide consumers with a broader choice space. In addition to color, various special-shaped basins, such as leaf shape, shell shape, triangle, Pentagon, heart shape, petal shape, also provide personalized display space for different home decoration designs. Therefore, consumers can express unique decoration concepts through the colors and alternative shapes of basins. In addition, you can also choose some double basin and multi basin designs to improve the practicality of the basin




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