Poetry and painting Jiangnan wall cloth E08 series

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Let's feel the great power of mankind with the humanistic trend of thought that reached its peak in ancient Europe! Now let's have a look with the poetry and painting Jiangnan wall cloth

as Hamlet said, "what a masterpiece is man! What a noble reason! What a great power! The essence of the universe! The primate of all things!" Let's feel the great power of mankind with the humanistic trend of thought that reached its peak in ancient Europe

left bank of Seine

inspiration: when you casually walk into a cafe on the left bank of Paris, you may sit on the chair Hemingway once sat, under the lamp Sartre wrote, and Picasso's window in a daze. The mellow classical pattern wraps delicacy and delicacy in it, which is like the implicit and restrained cultural care on the left bank of the Seine River, and a gentle elegance that pours on your face

take the sunset color as the background color, and add a slightly dark Navajo yellow to create a romantic nostalgic atmosphere. The warm light colors interweave with each other, making the space transparent and natural without depression

the soft blue, which is elegant and pure, is used as the base color, and the honey color is used as the main color of the printing pattern, which greatly improves the texture of the space. The cold tone wall cloth, coupled with the retro small table with the same cold tone, set off the retro and fresh atmosphere all at once

dark cyan, as the background color, has a more solemn and deep flavor than light color. Coupled with the round and delicate flower shape, it is solemn and dare not be insulted. The retro pattern of the single sofa is perfectly matched, and it perfectly makes the transition from the wall cloth to the ground without being fancy


inspiration: in ancient Greek and Roman culture, hyacinth symbolized wisdom and art. The design inspiration of this flower type comes from the strong vitality of Acanthus tuber. The curly lines show the beauty of the curve incisively and vividly, and the staggered arrangement increases the majestic momentum of the curve and adds a classic elegance to the whole room

taking warm colors as the background color, it increasingly highlights the elegance of classical patterns and weakens the tension and dynamic of patterns. Beige is selected as the main tone of the pattern, which further highlights the classical elegance of the pattern. Match the beige cabinet with the same color and the chair with beige frame, which is harmonious and unified up and down

dark background and light patterns are mutually exclusive and collided, and the motion formed by elegant curves is coming to my face. The elegance of the light color pattern is not reduced at all, which shows the flexibility and delicacy of the pattern. The black-and-white rhombic side cabinet perfectly matches the ancient Roman style wall cloth, adding a modern and simple mood to the space


inspiration: Budapest has always been known as the "Pearl of the Danube River". Born in Hungary with deep historical deposits, different cultures blend together, thus forming a rich and diverse architectural style. The small flowers slowly poke out the vines, delicate and atmospheric, just like the historical heritage of Budapest

off white is used as the base color, setting off the vitality of orange printing, and well setting off the modesty and introversion revealed by small flowers. With orange throw pillows and delicate rice white woven carpets, it is full of smart and careful thinking, showing the pride of scholars and the complacency of calligraphy and painting

the cold color is more refreshing than the warm color. The small blue flowers are more quiet and restrained, in sharp contrast to the tension filled vines, moving and quiet, and coexisting harmoniously. The sofa and chair adopts the same fresh and vibrant printing pattern, which is both eye-catching and aesthetic

compared with light color and dark color, it has more massiness and elegance that slowly settles down. The movement hidden under the dark print also slowed down, quietly hiding the undercurrent surging. The log table has the unique vitality of nature, and it is not abrupt to put it together with the highly modern decorations


inspiration: from the "Cinderella" of Prussia to the queen of the Russian Empire, yekaterina made Russia one of the European powers, and made the development of Russian art reach its peak. Therefore, her crown also carries the beautiful implication of "art and hope". The design inspiration of this flower type comes from the Queen's big crown, which spreads to both sides in the shape of petals

with oat white as the background color and the brown pattern of thrush, the stacked petals slowly bloom against the white frame, elegant, noble and with natural vitality. Plush carpet has a warm taste, which makes the space softer

the wall cloth with coral powder as the background color, with a delicate and sweet Rococo style, poured into the elegant patterns like the queen, adding a lightness, delicacy, delicacy and romantic and flashy mood in addition to elegance

dark cyan mixed with inclined phantom black shading, with the grand feeling of the Queen's coronation, and with the wisdom and introvertion of diving into the dark background. The marble floor matching with the pattern of the wall cloth complements each other

light wind

inspiration: above the background color, there is a layer of scattered texture. Look carefully, you can see the curly flowers and plants hidden in the texture. If the spring breeze passes, the shallow flowers will hide in the deep grass, revealing a sharp point, smart and cute

the flawless lily white as the theme perfectly creates a light, elegant and dreamy living space. The simple and exquisite beibai sofa adds a bright temperament to the neoclassical space with gentle and soft color

leave blank

inspiration: the vertical texture, coupled with mixed textures, leaves blank areas, and uses the rendering of color blocks to express an implicit and introverted, implying an interest of "nothing here is better than something"

the wall cloth with beige as the background color, coupled with beige texture of the same color system, brings an advanced feeling. Equipped with bright white wooden door frames and bright white fireplaces, it brings a sense of oppression to the space with light texture


inspiration: highly modern vertical lines, straight but not rigid, concise but not single, dense and harmonious. The bold color contrast design skillfully integrates cold and warm colors

geometric side cabinet with strong modern style, and the same style combination reduces the sense of distance for the room. The sand carpet coordinates the color distribution of the space to a great extent, and the light sunshine comes in, adding a gentle temperament to the space

(source: Poetry and painting Jiangnan art wall cloth)




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