The quotation sheet of decoration works should be

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Decoration is undoubtedly a deep-water trip. Before there is enough assurance, the decoration owner cannot rashly sign a contract with the decoration company to avoid damaging his own interests

I. material specification

a detailed decoration project quotation should list all the brands, specifications, units, unit prices, quantities and total balances of the materials used, while some decoration companies only list the brands, unit prices and total amounts, and the specifications and quantities are ignored. More often, it is a common problem in the quotation that the specifications are not written clearly. Some materials have different specifications and prices vary greatly. If you don't write this clearly, you will have more hands and feet to do when the decoration company purchases materials in the future

II. Construction technology

some construction projects have several or more construction methods. There are great differences in prices due to different practices. It's too vague to only write how much it costs to stick tiles and paint. How can the main materials and decoration involved in different construction processes save more money? On, free design budget quotation. The type and quantity of auxiliary materials will vary. If you don't write clearly, on the one hand, there is room for price expansion, and the decoration company may collect money according to this construction process, but it uses another simple method; On the other hand, there is no basis for supervising the construction during the construction process

III. Calculation of loss

materials will be lost during construction, so the loss part should be added to the actual consumption in the purchase of materials. Reflected in the quotation, this part of the quantity is included in the unit price. In some quotations, the total amount of materials plus 10% loss fee is actually double billing. Consumers should be aware of this. In addition, the basic loss of any project will not exceed 10%. If it is found to exceed this proportion, the other party should give a reasonable explanation. Decoration quotation list 4. The more detailed the decoration quotation, the better. A detailed quotation filled in is good for decoration companies and consumers. For consumers, the detailed quotation not only contains the context of the price, but also clearly describes the construction practices, so that consumers who are completely laymen in decoration can also supervise the construction by themselves. For the decoration company, it will save a lot of trouble for the decoration company by eliminating the quotation that consumers renege on or disapprove of a project in the future construction and write it out before something happens





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