This is not a quick fix- Experts worry vaccine inc

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'This is not a quick fix': Experts worry vaccine incentive is too little too late for Alberta - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Public health experts are wondering why Alberta is choosing to dish out $100 to those who decide to get vaccinated now and whether the measure will effectively respond to a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Premier Jason Kenney announced the vaccine incentive Friday, saying the government was inspired by the success of similar measures in other jurisdictionsThe framework around it.

Lorian Hardcastle, University of Calgary associate professor in the Cummings School of Medicine, said monetary incentives are not a sure-fire way to drive vaccinationThe progress of vaccine rollout throughou.

“It’s not clear how many people will respond to that $100 monetary incentiveThe Tablighi Jamaat, in New Delhi.,” she saidWhat happens to your car when it gets stolen and how that. “On the one hand it could motivate some small subset of people to get vaccinatedThe vaccines would be coming soon..

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